Information about Reopening of our Exhibition Room (RESERVATION REQUIRED)

September 28, 2022

We will restart to accept visits of the general public from October 5th.
Advance reservations are required to visit our exhibition room.

How to make a reservation  Please read the guide and make a reservation by the reservation form
 Reservation Period  From Wednesday 16:30 of the previous week to Tuesday 15:00 of the current week

 If there are too many reservations, we will adjust the number of people in each time slot. (UPDATE: 2023.01.25)

Visitor Guidelines about COVID-19 (UPDATE: 2022.12.12)

Please follow these guidelines to help keep yourself and other visitors safe.

  • Enter through the main gate, and tell the guard your name and that you have come to our museum.
  • We will take your temperature at the lobby of our musuem. If you have a temperature that is 1 degree or more higher than your nomal temperature, you will not be permitted to enter.
  • Sanitize your hands with alcohol spray when you enter the exhibition room.
  • Wear a non-woven mask in our museum.